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Why Does This Page Exist?

Coming Out




This is one of my two web pages. I'm not completely, totally out to everyone in the world abut bisexuality, so I don't link this page to my more public web pages.

I am a bisexual, polyamorous male living in the Silicon Valley region of the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I am in my late thirties and have multiple partners, one of whom I've been married to for over a decade.

No pictures or anything, of course. You can, however, send me email at joe (at) bi (dot) org.. I am always interested in comments, criticism, questions, or just interesting conversation.

My sincere thanks to the good folks here at who have provided me a place to have this web site.

Praise for Joe's Secret Life

You are threat [sic] to the continued existence of the human race. But that is an oversimplification.

--(a doctor in the Los Angeles area)


Very nice site ... your pages are very well thought out.

--(a editor at the Netscape Open Directory Project (formerly Newhoo!))

you are the most confused idiot I've ever found....

--(a reader in Pakistan)


Thanks for this important web site.

--(an anonymous reader)

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